Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How


Each one of the above word presents a basis to what can be segued baseline, or simple way into a story about something or someone, for example ‘who are you?’; can be a lead question asked, what, can follow along with the subsequent, when, where, why, and how.


I would like to present all of the above questions to you the reader to provoke thought and action for your time here on earth, and for your choice of eternal existence after you part this earth! There was a question asked by Jesus of Nazareth, in Matthew 16:13(NASB) 13Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, He was asking His disciples, "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" Additional references can be found in Mark 8:27, and 29, along with Luke 9:18, and 20...I encourage you to read the entire story to glean the proper context.

WHO: I truly believe no one can go through life without someone asking this question of you: ‘Who are you?’Responses can be utterly varied to say the least. Some will give their name, some will possibly name the profession they are in, others might even say they are the son or the daughter, of so and so. Who are you, is a very loaded question, and the range of responses can be vast, but the purpose behind the question is to determine ‘who you are’another might say inquiring minds want to know, but regardless of who is asking the question, it will be established who you are, there will be no John or Jane Doe, it will not be about being a male or a female, or whether you are bond or free! Ref. Galatians 3:27-29. Your true identity will be established by a specific DNA, which will determine your eternal destiny! It must be noted that one can’t truly know who they are, without knowing whose they are! Who you belong to, is critical, for whom you are from or born into, there will be attributes along with DNA which will make you identifiable with the one with whom you share DNA. As mentioned, who are you is determined by whose you are, being born into the family line of your mother and father, you have a family blood line that for the most part is traceable through generations and you will often have attributes of one or both of your parents, for example, such as the color of your eyes, hair, skin complexion etcetera. You may even carry traits in your body that predisposes you to such things as heart trouble, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other maladies that can affect the well ness quality of your life. Whose you are also disposes you to your character or nature if you will, and we all have two natures, one belonging to the natural side of man and the other, the Spiritual side and nature. However, when we entered into this world or from the point of conception we possessed a very specific nature with a propensity to do things in contradiction to the spiritual side, being sons of the evil one, who is the devil, and are called tares, but we who are born into the Son of man are good seeds of the kingdom which is the field of this world, and all fields will be harvested at the end of time. Reference Psalms 51:5, and in the NT one can reference how one nature is an enemy of the other: Matthew 13:38-39. But prior to conception it was determined by the Sovereign One, who you would belong to. Ref. Romans 8:29-30. Now the journey or the path into your true identity can be truly varied indeed, even within your own biological family. In one’s own family there can be vast differences as to the choices and paths each family member takes which in time will reveal the true identity of each member. Whose you are, will say a lot about your DNA, and how you choose to conduct yourself in light of who you perceive yourself to be; I reference Moses who refused to be identified as an Egyptian, when he said, he would rather suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy sin for a season and that was in conjunction with refusing to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Ref. Hebrew’s 11:23-28. Knowing who you are can avoid some serious life altering situations, for example, if some is related to someone such as a sister and a brother, but are unaware they are sister and brother, the chemistry between the two can be kindled into affection with intimacy, leading them onto the path of incest. So the question is ‘who are you’? Even when Moses was commissioned by God to command Pharaoh to let His people go, he challenged God by asking the question ‘who am I?’ Ref. Exodus 3:11. It is critically imperative that we know who we are in light of God’s Word, for eternity is a long time not to know who you are and suffer eternal consequences as a result of not knowing. I will move on to the what, where, why, and the how. I know you will be blessed by this, I just want us to think and seek out where we want to belong, and know!

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Excellent and insightful message Bishop. Very thought provoking and with spiritual revelation that produces answers to questions and praye

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I truly appreciate the message on Leadership at the House of Prayer in Sumter, SC.

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Be blessed one and all, truly these are inspired words coming from the bishop

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Reaching others with writings of encouragement, thought invoking tidbits as I receive from the Lord to share. Be blessed and Love the Lord Jesus Christ withal!