Surrendering At His Feet



It is very interesting how prominent a role our feet play in our lives, for they can take on journeys of good or they run to do evil; yes they can run to or walk to a host of things, but incorporated into our bodies are a pair of legs and at the bottom of them are a pair of feet, some have small feet and some, well, some large to very large pedal extremities. Primarily feet are a part of the body’s gross motor function which enable us to put one in front of the other and get from area (a) to area (b). Feet are very critical in the life of an individual, in that without them life could be challenging, challenging to the point where one has to have a prosthetic device for ambulatory functioning. One could even be confined to a wheel chair or has to resort to the use of crutches to physically move about. Feet enable us to conquer movement, for every step we take puts under our feet a piece of territory we cover on our journey toward a specific point or destination, for if I have just climbed a mountain and I’m standing on top of the mountain, one can say with truthfulness that their ability to use their feet have enabled them to climb from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

When one foot covers a piece of real estate so to speak with their feet, that piece of restate has just become traveled or conquered. When you walk over something and in some cases someone, that which you have walked over has been surrendered to your steps whether willingly or forced. You might ask why I would use the word surrender, when an individual places something or themselves at the feet of someone, what the individual is saying is that I submit my self to you, and the individual at whose feet they submit can either accept their surrender or reject the it.

Biblically speaking, it was to the Jews that wherever their feet touched from Lebanon to the Euphrates would belong to them. Ref. Deuteronomy 11:24. When the people sat at the feet of the Lord, they would receive what they needed which was the Word; for you can not receive the Word unless you submit yourself at HIS feet.

When you look at 1st Kings 5:3 you will see that David could not build a house for the LORD because of all the wars going on in his life as recorded by his son Solomon, until those battles were conquered under David’s feet by the LORD. Taking you to the book of 1st Samuel 25:41 you will see another instance where one Abigail who David chose to have as a wife, and when she was summoned to David, she threw herself at his feet and said allow me to wash your feet. To massage or to wash ones feet is an act of humble total submission to the one you have just placed yourself at the feet of.

There was a woman who was a sinner just as all of us before Christ entered in were, she heard that Jesus was going to be dinning at a Pharisee’s house, so she shows up and puts herself at the feet of Jesus, and begins to weep, after she begins to cry she takes her tears and began washing the feet of Jesus with the tears falling from her face and she is not using a cloth, but she is using her hair; can you imagine the concern of this Pharisee who invited Jesus to dine at his home knowing who this woman was. Notice ‘who this woman was’ you must bear in mind that when you place yourself at the feet of someone you are totally submitting yourself to that person. In this instance she placed herself at the foot of Jesus. The Pharisee began in is mind to question the validity of Jesus, for he thought if Jesus was a real prophet, He would have known that this woman was a sinner. But, Jesus being God, heard his thoughts and responded with a story about two individuals who owed to a lender, one owed a little fifty pence and the other owe a lot five hundred pence, but the lender forgave each of their debt, so the question Jesus poses to Simon; who do you think would love the lender the most?

You see, this woman one could say was a big time sinner, however, when she heard that Jesus was coming, she just had to get to Him, if I can use my sanctified mind, she was tired of her feet taking her to places to do things she was tired of doing, tired of her feet taking her in the wrong direction, and doing sinful things, so she made up in her mind that her feet were going to take her to where Jesus would and it would change her life. Can you imagine this possibly being her last attempt at getting her out of control life in order. How many of us have been out of control and some are still out of control, but if we could just fall at the feet of Jesus despite what others think, for it is only what the LORD thinks.

The woman once at the feet of Jesus, was so sorrowful it brought her to tears, and she used her tears of contrition along with her hair to wash the feet of Jesus, while she was washing His feet, He was washing her heart because of her total submission, remember to throw yourself at someone’s feet is to totally submit to them. There is another tidbit I would like to share, when you place yourself at the feet of Jesus, you are also going to receive His protection, just as Ruth did in chapter three. Naomi, gave Ruth a set of instructions regarding how she should approach Boaz at the threshing floor, she said put on your best clothes, some perfume and go lie at and uncover and touch Boaz’s feet, but do not do this until he has finished eating and drinking, and when you do as I tell you, Boaz will tell you what to do. While Boaz was sleeping and Ruth was at his feet, he woke up and was startled by Ruth. Boaz asked what are you doing here, and her response was, I am your handmaid and need your covering.

Once on has placed themselves at the Masters feet, we are saying I submit myself to you and I need your covering, and yes we truly need His covering, but we must put ourselves at His feet in total surrender. When we are at the Saviors feet in total surrender He will assure us that our sins have been forgiven and that we can go in peace, by now you should be running with the left foot in front of the right and right in front of the left to fall down at both the left and right foot of Jesus to hear Him say those words your sins are forgiven, go in peace.


Be Blessed just something to think about

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Excellent and insightful message Bishop. Very thought provoking and with spiritual revelation that produces answers to questions and praye

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I truly appreciate the message on Leadership at the House of Prayer in Sumter, SC.

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Be blessed one and all, truly these are inspired words coming from the bishop

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Reaching others with writings of encouragement, thought invoking tidbits as I receive from the Lord to share. Be blessed and Love the Lord Jesus Christ withal!