'It Could Have Been Another Way'

‘It Could Have Been Another Way’


While on my way to a job site the Holy spirit brought to mind that it could have been another way, and I thought to myself we hear that expression so often, but rarely do we take stock as to the impact of such a statement: ‘it could have been another way’, and as I began to break down the various ways that things could be different, it gave me great pause wherein my being became engaged in some serious reflection as to how it could have been!

At birth within me was the capability and at the appropriate time the ability to speak was manifested in me, and as I learned words I began to speak them wherein the words I spoke enabled me to begin and engage the process of verbal communication, but it could have been another way, my voice could have been muted. During my growth and development my motor skills were void of deficits and I was able to begin walking, and my fine motor skills allowed me to hold a spoon or a fork at some point in my development wherein I was able to begin feeding myself; but it could have been another way, I could have had a birth defect such as Cerebral Palsy, wherein I would not have been able to walk at all! I could have had some challenging mental issues which would have retarded my ability to learn, comprehend, and reason, but as a baby boomer, which should give some indication of my age; however this baby boomers mental acuity is sharp still with a hunger to absorb knowledge, but it could have been another way.

You see when we seriously think about our lives and are honest with ourselves, each and every one of us can say ‘it could have been another way’!! Some have gotten into accidents and were able to walk away, or even treated for the injuries sustained, but how many were not able to survive the accident, you see ‘it could have been another way’. You still have your job, may not be making what you feel you deserve, but somebody does not even have a job, and this is not to make light of their plight for you could be one of them. People have lost their homes, but there is a roof over your head, you can walk to the refrigerator or even go shopping, but someone is digging into the garbage can for something to eat or some clothing to put on their back, someone died during the night and someone during the day, but the fact that you are reading this should give you pause to say thank God for life, for ‘it could have been another way’. 

The bottom line is that ‘it could have been another way’ for each and every one of us, but being it is not, we must thank God with genuine thank you’s that truly emanate from the Heart, for somebody lost the opportunity to seek and glorify Him (the Lord) and His forgiveness by faith or to give Him praise for all He has done! But now you have the time, and time is fleeting and must be redeemed, so you must remember ‘it could have been another way’

+++Reginald Doby

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04.02 | 22:39

Excellent and insightful message Bishop. Very thought provoking and with spiritual revelation that produces answers to questions and praye

25.04 | 23:27

I truly appreciate the message on Leadership at the House of Prayer in Sumter, SC.

05.04 | 16:53

Be blessed one and all, truly these are inspired words coming from the bishop

09.03 | 14:29

Reaching others with writings of encouragement, thought invoking tidbits as I receive from the Lord to share. Be blessed and Love the Lord Jesus Christ withal!