In Spite of Hold on To Your Joy

Facing Trials

     In the book of James there is an organized and simple treatise (dealing with a written work systematically) on Christian life. James is a book that is largely made up of exhortations and admonition, (warnings) which has led some to call the book of James the New Testament Proverbs. The major focus of James is that the believer should put faith into action, for if action is not put to faith you will not be able to accomplish anything. Ref. James 1:22 and further in James 2:20; and 2:26 "faith without works is dead"

     James discusses the trials that Christians go through, and trust the Word, if you are a true child of God, you will go through something every now and then, however James’ point with emphasis is that the child of God, should go through these trials with the mind and attitude of Christ. Trials are not moments of joy or euphoria, but can be utter hell, via persecutions, scandals, loss, sickness, and a host of circumstance which appear to be overwhelming, however trials can ultimately bring joy to the believer; trials foster for the committed believer stamina or endurance in their life. Ref. 1:2-4

     James alerts the believer to the fact that he or she must ask for understanding and the why behind their trial experience. Too often we look at the condition without asking purpose or meaning of it all. One must recognize that with each new experience we glean in life, it takes us to a new level, and what should motivate the believer to seek and request understanding is that God gives liberally to those who ask it of Him. Ref. James 1:5-8. Those who go through with a steadfastness receive a crown of life at the end from a loving God for their commitedness. Ref. James 1:12 the scripture also states that if you endure to the end, you will be saved. Ref. Matthew 24:13

     James talks about the trappings of going through trials if one is not careful, what am I saying, there can be a desire in the flesh toward temptation and to blame God for our trials, ill’s, and woe’s, but God can not be blamed for what one is going through, God does not tempt anybody toward sin. Also James eludes to the readers that they are responsible for their own disobedience, and lastly James alerts us as Christians, that God gives "good and perfect" gifts to His children, and He does not stray from that course.

     Brothers and sisters by the grace of the El Shaddai, (all mighty God) be encouraged to remain steadfast in the Lord, and know that your labor is not in vain be blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heart

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Excellent and insightful message Bishop. Very thought provoking and with spiritual revelation that produces answers to questions and praye

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I truly appreciate the message on Leadership at the House of Prayer in Sumter, SC.

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Be blessed one and all, truly these are inspired words coming from the bishop

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Reaching others with writings of encouragement, thought invoking tidbits as I receive from the Lord to share. Be blessed and Love the Lord Jesus Christ withal!